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mandiesmk in penguinplease

44 Twilight Icons

Teaser 1Teaser 2Teaser 3


Please credit either mandiesmk or penguinplease.
Comments are greatly appreciated! =)

Like what you see? Then please watch the community!


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These icons are Awsome!
Great Job :D
Thank you! :)
Took 12 and 44
Thank you!!!
Thanks! Enjoy!
Gorgeous icons. Love everything, especially the lion and lamb one.
Thank you so much! :D
these are great!
love love the last one which I have saved for later use
Oh, thank you so much! :) I'm glad you like them!
Beautiful icons!
Thank you! :D
Oh, these are gorgeous!
Thank you so much! I love your icons, so that means a lot! :D
Gorgeous icons! Snagged #16 & 32. Thanks, will credit of course! :D
Thanks, hun! =) So glad you like them!
Awesome. Snagged a few will credit ;)
Thank you, dear! =D

And sorry, not to be a nag or anything, but a few of my icons that you're using are credited to someone else.. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little selfish about getting credit for my icons! =P
lol at #43! I love the light colors you used for these icons.
Glad you like 'em! =D Thanks!
I ♥ 6 & 22 :) So awsome!!! :D
Thanks so much, hun! =D
these are soo fantastic!
Thank you so much!
wow, lovely icons <3
will credit if i use :)

i have one question though, how do you make some of their edges round?
that is a mystery for me...
I'm not sure how most people do it, but here's what I do:

Using selection tools (circles for the corners and rectangle for the rest), I rigged up this little template:

I pasted the above image on top of whatever icon I wanted to make with round edges, and then selected only the gray part of the template layer. Inverse the selection so that only the non-gray parts are selected. Hide the template layer, and now you should be able to delete the corners from whatever is underneath (flatten the layers below before using the template).

Hope that helps! :)
i love these icons.
awesome job on them!
Thank you dear! :D
omg wow. these are so stunning. great style and coloring!!!!
Thank you! So glad that you like them! :D
I really like these, saved a few. :) I think you have a unique style, very nice!
Thanks! :D
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