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mandiesmk in penguinplease

Icons: 24, Private Practice, Twilight

[30] 24: Day 7
[04] Private Practice
[08] Twilight


24: Day 7

Private Practice


» If taking any icons, please give credit to either mandiesmk or penguinplease.
» Though not required, comments are greatly appreciated! ♥
» If you like what you see, please watch the community!


These are pretty! I love the textures and coloring. :)
I'm saving 10, 11, 14 and will credit, thanks.
Thanks dear, enjoy!
Shirtless!Tony. *squee*

Haha I figured that one would be appreciated!
Enjoy :)
Great icons! Snagged #2 and #31! Thanks!
Thanks! Enjoy 'em! :D
I love the Twilight icons.
Thank you!
Pretty icons!:D
Saving some twilight icons, thanks.
Enjoy! :)
OMG Shirtless!Tony.
Great work, beautiful colours.
Thank ya dear! :)
These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sitting here squeeing:) I'm going to take a couple of the 24 ones, but I can't decide which yet! I will definitely credit you -- thank you for putting these up. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful 24 icons.
Aw, thanks dear! So glad that you like them! Take as many as you'd like, and enjoy :D
Holy fuck, #11 is amazing. Renee's fucking gorgeous in that one.
And I love the one of shirtless Tony! ♥
Haha thank you so much! I'm glad you like them :D
Love #26 of your 24 batch. <333
Saved a couple of the 24 ones! They're amazing!
Love your icons! Your coloring is wonderful. Snagging quite a few of the 24 icons. And I'll credit when I use. ;)